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Glass supports

Glass shelf supports are used for mounting tempered glass shelves. Most supports have a clamping screw so that the shelf can be securely fastened. Every situation requires a different glass support, so think carefully about what you want to achieve with your glass shelf.

It is very tempting to use as few and small glass supports as possible onto the wall and clamp a glass shelf in it. But this is not wise! The smaller the support, the less carrying capacity the complete construction has got. You cannot just clamp any size glass shelf in any carrier. There are no clear and basic instructions for this because there is much more involved. What is the size of the glass shelf? How heavy is this glass shelf? What are you going to put on it? On which surface do you mount the supoorts? And how do you assemble it? We have tried to set a small guideline in some products of the maximum load capacity and dimensions of the glass shelf. Estimate whether this may also be the case in your situation. For example, if you have a wall of plasterboards, this is certainly not a strong basis and the stated dimensions and load capacity certainly do not apply.

Types of glass shelf supports

There are two types of glass supports; the glass shelf supports that usually support shelves in a niche or cupboard on the sides at 4 points (2 on the left and 2 on the right, depending on size, situation and / or weight, this could also be 6) and there are glass shelf supports that only support the shelf from the back. This is most tricky, because you are going to create a leverage effect on the clamp on the back. In this type of application, keep the boards as shallow as possible and put as little weight on them as possible.

Are you unsure or do you have any questions? Pplease contact us via chat, mail or telephone. Then we will try to help and advise you as best we can.


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