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Glazing tape for mounting glass

You need glazing tape if you install glass in wooden frames. This glass tape provides a flexible yet strong seal between glass and wooden frame and glazing bead. Glass tape is available in different thicknesses, widths and in white and grey. You can order these as a single roll, in a pack of 10 or 15 rolls or on a reel.

To maintain the guarantee of insulating glass, you must comply with NPR 3577 (Nederlandse Praktijk Richtlijn; "eisen voor de beglazing van kozijnen, ramen en deuren in buitengevels"). You will then have to choose glass tape of 9x4 mm. You place this approx. 6 mm below the edge of the frame and glazing bead, so that you can always apply a sealant seam of 6 mm deep and 4 mm wide.

This is irrelevant for interior glazing, as you can also choose 3 mm thick glass tape to make the sealant seam a bit smaller. That is often nicer with indoor glazing.

GlasBoertje sells glazing tape of the Coroplast brand. This is a well-known brand among professionals.

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