Single acting door

Glass hardware for rebated door

A rebated door situation is very common in residential and office settings. In this type of door, when closed, the door edge fits within the door frame. A handle set is often used on the door, along with a strike plate in the frame where the latch bolt engages. This allows you to open and close the door using a door handle, and it securely latches when closed.

Rebated doors are found not only in wooden frames but also in steel quick-build frames. In steel frames, paumelle hinges are commonly used. For glass doors, there are matching hinge parts available that you can mount onto the glass door. The hinge part on the frame can remain in place. This means you can easily remove the wooden door by lifting it off the hinges and replace it with a glass door using a matching paumelle hinge part.

For a rebated door, you almost always use a door handle, possibly complemented by a cylinder lock or an indicator bolt with a door knob.