Glass handling equipment

Glass and mirrors are often heavy, inconvenient in size, and difficult to grip due to their smooth surface. There are special lifting and handling tools that make this task easier for you. With these tools, you can move and/or install cumbersome and larger glass panels with less effort.

Different situations require different tools. There are special transport carts, tilting blocks, lifting straps, glass suction cups, gloves, and even mobile cranes. In this category, we focus on tools and simple storage and transportation equipment.

Glass Suction Cups

A glass suction cup is applied to the glass with suction cups. These can be lever suction cups or pump suction cups. The suction force allows you to lift the glass using the handle of the suction cup, enabling you to lift and move the glass safely and controlled. A glass suction cup is ideal for installing glass in a frame or mirrors in a mirror profile. It is also highly recommended for installing a shower wall or door.