Caulking guns

A caulking gun is indispensable when caulking seams and cracks or bonding materials. There are a number of different types of caulking guns. Below we give you tips and an explanation of which caulking gun is best for your situation.

Hand caulking gun

The hand caulking gun is the most commonly used caulking gun. This type of caulking gun often has a skeleton model and you have these in different qualities. By squeezing the handle you push the selant or adhesive out of the tube or sausage.

If you occasionally have to glue some small things, a simple and cheap caulking gun will do. These cost a maximum of 20 euros.

If you use sealant or glue more often, or if you have a larger job, choose a slightly more expensive caulking gun. These are a bit firmer, allow the sealant/glue to come out of the gun better and the handle has a better hand-fit. This price range is approximately between 20 and 75 euros.

If you are a professional, it is better to choose a professional caulking gun. Due to a very strong mechanism and the stable design, these caulking guns are extremely suitable for intensive and long-term use.

Electric caulking gun

The electric caulking guns are perfect for large jobs and professional use. Because the battery delivers a constant pressure to the tube or sausage, this ensures an even distribution of the sealant. This ensures that you can seal very accurately and in small spaces.

Compressed air caulking gun

The compressed air caulking gun is part of air tools or pneumatic tools. From the moment you release the trigger, the even pressure stops and the sealant stops immediately. The compressed air caulking gun is perfect for larger jobs and is cheaper than an electric caulking gun. The air-driven caulking gun is easy to connect to any compressed air system or to a compressor.

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