Glass clamps

Order glass clamps for glass installation

Glass clamps are used for mounting tempered glass, laminated glass, and/or tempered-laminated glass in both indoor and outdoor situations. This includes glass installation for stair partitions, balustrades, interior glass screens, and windbreaks.

When using these glass clamps, no cutouts are required in the glass, which means a small gap will remain visible. However, this is not a problem and might even enhance the overall appearance compared to having the glass flush against the clamp.

Most types of glass clamps can be used for different glass thicknesses. However, you need the appropriate gaskets for the glass thickness you are using. If the gasket is too thin, the glass cannot be securely clamped and may slip out of the clamp. If the gasket is too thick, you won't be able to properly tighten the clamp, resulting in it being tilted on the glass and not optimally securing it.

Glass clamps for indoor or outdoor Use?

You can use all types of glass clamps indoors without any issues. These clamps come in various models and finishes. Stainless steel (AISI304) glass clamps are suitable for indoor use. There are also other materials like Zamac or Zinc, which are only suitable for indoor applications.

If you want to use the glass clamps outdoors, it's important to use stainless steel (AISI316) glass clamps that are also suitable for outdoor use.