AGC Lacobel


Order Lacobel in 6mm thickness; this is float glass with a paint layer on the back. The glass can be clear or extra clear (depending on the color of the paint layer).

The Lacobel painted glass range consists of an appealing contemporary color palette. The glossy look of "Lacobel" seamlessly complements its matte counterpart, "Matelac". "Matelac" is similar to "Lacobel", but the paint layer on "Matelac" is applied to satin glass, creating a frosted painted glass. In the "Lacobel" and "Matelac" ranges, several colors are available in common.

Application: "Lacobel" can only be used indoors for furniture and wall coverings, cabinet doors, sliding doors, etc. Lacobel pairs beautifully with various other materials such as wood, steel, and stone. If you want to add extra safety, choose "Lacobel SAFE"; this is the same as "Lacobel" with a safety film on the back (the glass adheres to the film in case of breakage).

When you need a backsplash for a kitchen, it's better to choose tempered painted glass as it's more resistant to stove heat. In this case, you should opt for "Lacobel T".


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