Maintenance & cleaning

Maintenance and Cleaning Products for Glass and Mirrors

For professional maintenance and cleaning products for your glass and mirrors, look no further than Whether it's the daily cleaning of mirrors or glass on interior doors, or the periodic cleaning of stubborn dirt on your conservatory roof and keeping your shower door and shower wall free from limescale, we have assembled a great assortment for you.

Clean-X is a well-known brand for cleaning and maintenance in the market. In addition to a simple but effective glass cleaner (Repel cleaner), they also offer a cleaning paste under the product name "Glass Scrub." This is suitable for removing, among other things, water stains. The "Invisible Shield" is an anti-limescale coating based on Nano technology, which creates an invisible dirt-repellent anti-limescale protective layer that simplifies the cleaning of shower doors and walls.

For daily cleaning of glass and mirrors, we have the Pieterman GlasCleaner in our assortment. This fantastic glass cleaner leaves almost everything streak-free clean, whether it's the panes of an interior door, mirrors, or your glass stovetop.