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AGC Lacobel-T is 6 mm thick tempered glass with a heat-resistant paint layer on the back. The combination of tempered glass with a heat-resistant lacquer layer ensures that you can use this glass as a backsplash in the kitchen. Also behind the gas stove.

The "Lacobel-T" lacquered glass range consists of an attractive contemporary color palette. The shiny look of "Lacobel-T" blends seamlessly with its matte alter ego "Matelac-T". "Matelac-T" is similar to "Lacobel-T", but at "Matelac-T" the paint is applied to satin glass, which gives you matt lacquered glass. In the "Lacobel-T" and "Matelac-T" range, several colors are available in common.

Application: "Lacobel-T" can be used indoors and outdoors for covering furniture and walls, cupboard doors, sliding doors. You can also use it as a table top (outside and inside use) and as a backsplash, even behind a stove. Lacobel-T combines beautifully with many other materials, such as wood, steel and stone.


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