Bohle Juna

The Bohle Juna shower fittings offer high-quality hinges for shower doors and glass clamps for shower walls. This series is a perfect choice for creating a stylish and functional shower enclosure. The hinges are available in chrome, stainless steel-effect, and matte black, and the glass clamps are also available in these attractive finishes.

For shower doors, the hinges are essential for smooth operation and secure attachment. The Bohle Juna shower fittings meet high standards of durability and reliability, offering a wide range of design options to suit your taste and bathroom style.

For shower walls, the glass clamps play a crucial role. The Bohle Juna glass clamps ensure a safe and stable mounting of the glass walls while providing an aesthetically appealing appearance. Whether you prefer a classic chrome look, a modern stainless steel finish, or a contemporary matte black design, the Bohle Juna shower fittings add a touch of elegance and quality to your bathroom interior.

At, you will find a wide range of Bohle Juna shower fittings, allowing you to find all the necessary components to customize your shower enclosure according to your preferences.