Anti-limescale products

Anti-limescale products for glass

Lime is stubborn and difficult to clean if you don't use the right cleaning products. Vinegar can be used well in dissolving lime, but how do you soak a shower door or shower enclosure in vinegar for about 15 minutes? That runs off and has little effect in that way. So you will have to look for other products for this.

You can use the Clean-X glass scrub to soften the lime layer and polish it off. When the window is completely clean, you can treat it with the Clean-X Invisible Shield anti-lime coating on Nano technology.

Glass looks very smooth, but it is not. If you look under a microscope you can see all kinds of mounds and dimples in the glass. When water dries on the glass wall, the lime remains. This lime will then sit in all the small cracks in the glass and you cannot just get rid of it with a cloth because you cannot get into those small cracks with a cloth. By working with the Glass Scrub you can get into those cracks. If you then treat it with the Invisible Shield coating, these gaps will be filled so that the surface becomes smooth and lime can no longer dry up in those gaps. You cannot completely prevent water stains and some limescale deposits, but it will be much easier to clean

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