System 13DF

Discover our versatile glass partition system "System 13DF," a complete solution for creating modern and functional spaces. With this system, you can easily and stylishly install glass partitions in offices, homes, shops, and more.

The "System 13DF" is equipped with convenient click profiles and U-profiles, making the installation of glass panels quick and effortless. Additionally, door frames are available to create a seamless transition between different areas.

This system comes with high-quality mounting materials, ensuring sturdiness and stability. It strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Moreover, you can choose from various finishes and RAL colors, allowing you to customize the system to match your specific interior and design preferences.

With the "System 13DF," you can give your spaces a contemporary look and make the most of available light. It is a durable and modern solution for dividing spaces in a flexible and aesthetically pleasing manner.