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Tempered-laminated glass consists of two or more sheets of tempered glass, joined together with one or more clear and / or transparent PVB foil (s). The tempered glass makes the glass 4 to 5 times stronger than standard (non-tempered) glass and the foils keep the glass together when the glass breaks. This makes it suitable for e.g. balustrade glass and glass for a staircase.

Tempered-laminated glass is sensitive to point loading and will burst into 10,000 pieces if broken. But because it consists of two glass plates, the other glass plate will remain intact. Only if both glass plates break the construction would be weakened in such a way that the glass plate can hang in the fixings as a kind of curtain. And can slip out with certain constructions. Then it is sometimes wise to harden 1 glass plate and half-harden the other plate or to leave one unhardened.

Tempered-laminated glass is made of normal (non-tempered) glass. First, the glass plate is completely made to size, including holes, edge finishing, etc. Then it is heated and forced to cool. This creates push and pull stresses in the glass that give it its strength. After hardening you can no longer adjust the glass. After curing, the glass is joined together with a tough PVB film using an autoclave.

In situations where a fall through is possible (such as a balustrade or stairs), it is very important to order the correct type of glass. GlasBoertje unfortunately cannot make technical calculations to determine glass thicknesses. You could have a calculation made by Kennis Centrum Glas for this. This calculation is not cheap (at least several hundred euros), but you are assured that you order the glass thickness and composition that meets the applicable safety standards. GlasBoertje cannot take responsibility for what you order and place, that is at your own responsibility.


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