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On this page, you will find products that we sell until they are sold out. These can be last pieces of products that are being discontinued or are no longer being produced, custom-made products with minor flaws such as a small scratch, edge damage, or a minor sizing error, or items that have been returned by customers and cannot be sold as new.

Last pieces

Assortments and products change over time. This means that new items are introduced, and old items are no longer being produced and supplied. However, there may still be remaining stock at companies and manufacturers that needs to be sold. These are new and complete products in their original packaging. The quality is 100% good, and these products are undamaged.

Custom-made with measurement mistakes

During custom production, sizing errors can occur. Sometimes, customer orders require such precise measurements that glass panels or mirrors do not fit. In such cases, new panels need to be made and delivered, and the glass or mirror with the incorrect sizing is left over. Since discarding these items would be a waste of effort, and there is actually nothing wrong with these panels or mirrors, we can offer them at a special low price. There is probably someone who can use them or create something with them.

Custom-made with damages

Sometimes, during transportation, a mirror or glass panel may get damaged. This could be a small scratch on the front or back of a mirror or glass plate, or a corner and/or edge damage on the glass or mirror. However, there are plenty of situations where this may not matter. A glass plate is usually placed in a groove or frame, and a mirror can also be installed in a frame. We will accurately document and describe the damage so that you know what to expect beforehand.

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