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Custom bronze mirrors

You can order custom bronze mirrors at We can supply bronze mirrors in 4 and 6 mm thickness. We can supply different models, with or without rounded corners and with, for example, poly-cut edge finish or facet edge. This type of mirror has a light brown tint and looks warmer than the normal silver mirrors. Because the bronze color is in the glass (and not in the silver layer behind it), a 6 mm thick mirror is tinted a bit more brown than a 4 mm thick bronze mirror. After all, a 6 mm thick bronze mirror has more pigment than a 4 mm thick mirror. These bronze mirrors are often used as an interior mirror, backsplash or covering a wall or cupboard. A mirror where you see a good reflection but is less present than a normal clear mirror.

The bronze colored mirrors of 4 and 6 mm thick are also available with a safety foil on the back. For the completeness of the group "bronze mirrors" we have included these safety mirrors below. If you want a complete overview of the available safety mirrors, you can best look at the category page "safety mirrors".

The bronze mirrors below are custom made. Completely to your model / shape and with your desired edge finish. When assembling you can choose additional options such as mounting materials and maintenance products. The mirror configurator helps you put together your custom bronze mirror. You then have a choice of different models, possibly rounded corners and different edge finishes.


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