CBM Synera

Synera is a line of shower door hinges and clamps from the Spanish brand CBM. These hardware pieces are made of stainless steel (RVS) and are suitable for wet areas like showers and bathrooms. Complementing these hinges and clamps, there are also parts available for stabilizer bars that perfectly match in appearance and finish.

Polished Stainless Steel

This finish resembles shiny chrome and can be perfectly combined with chrome door knobs and faucets in the bathroom.

Brushed Stainless Steel

This has a slightly rougher finish with small "scratches," giving it the brushed appearance. This finish is slightly more matte than the polished one. As these parts are made of stainless steel, they blend well with brushed finish stainless steel faucets.

Matte Black Finish

The matte black finish looks elegant, and the hinges pair nicely with the door knobs, handles, and stabilizer bar components from CBM. We recommend using parts from the same brand when opting for a matte black finish, as there might be a slight color difference between brands.