Furniture fittings

Order furniture fittings for glass

There are various types of glass fittings available for furniture and display cabinets. These include different types of hinges, door knobs, glass shelf supports, connectors, and locks. However, we don't have everything listed on the website yet, but we will expand this range over time. If you are looking for something specific that is not on the website, please feel free to contact us.

Glass Shelf Supports

These supports are used for mounting glass shelves on a wall or in a cabinet. We mostly deliver these from our own stock, offering a wide range in various colors and finishes at competitive prices. Additionally, we provide quantity discounts for most glass shelf supports when you order at least 20 pieces.

Furniture Hinges

There are various types of furniture hinges available. For now, we focus on soft-close hinges and pivot fittings. We also supply these from our own stock. We offer these hinges for different glass thicknesses and various models, including some polished stainless-steel pivot fittings.


We may not have a wide selection of single door knobs and handles, but we can provide them in chrome, matt chrome, or stainless-steel effect finish.