Business use

Glass applications for business use

Business glass applications require different materials and products compared to residential settings. In a business setting, you often have to deal with the public accessing open areas. It is crucial to have the right products that can be securely installed and meet the safety requirements for such situations and applications. Publicly accessible locations often have stricter safety standards and regulations than residential settings. As a business owner, you need to create a safe environment for the public and your employees, even if the standards may not require it in certain situations. Minimizing the risk of personal injury begins with using high-quality and safe materials.

In addition to safety, quality is also of utmost importance. When you need mirrors for a salon, you want both the customer and hairdresser to have a clear and accurate reflection in the mirror. If a mirror bends too much due to using a 4 mm thick mirror, it will result in a distorted image, which can affect the quality of work you want to provide. The same applies to a dance studio's mirror wall. Choosing the wrong material can lead to distortions in the mirror image, which will certainly not enhance the enjoyment of the athletes when they see themselves half-deformed in the mirror.