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Use of the glass configurators on

At we have put a lot of time and effort into creating a number of configurators on which you can order custom glass and mirrors, possibly supplemented with mounting materials, accessories, cleaning products and tools. We have included as many articles as possible that may be applicable for that specific application or type of glass. Our configurators are a technical masterpiece because they also help assemble and do not show certain products and certain items if they cannot be technically combined with other selected items. Let yourself be guided and advised by these configurators. If something cannot be clicked, it is not technically possible to make and / or order it from us.

Because there are different configurators, we advise you to start from the menu "glass applications" or from the glass product itself. Start with the right configurator. You will not find a mirror heater in the configurator if you are going to assemble a mirror wall for a gym. And you will not find round models when you are going to assemble a shower door. If you miss things, email us with all the necessary information and your question. We can then see if we can help you with this.

The configurators are made with care, but just like in any technique, it could happen that somewhere a technical process or calculation goes wrong when putting together. In this case we reserve the right to cancel the order or to adjust it in consultation with our customer, possibly with an additional invoice. This has only happened once in the past, but we prefer to be clear about this to our customer, hence this extra mention.