Glazing tapes

Top quality damping & cushioning tapes, muntin bar bonding tape and mirror mounting tape

When mounting glass in wooden frames, our damping & cushioning tapes provide essential support. If you plan to add crossbars to your glass, our special muntin bar bonding tape is perfect for the job. Additionally, we offer a dedicated mirror mounting tape for hassle-free mirror installations. proudly stocks professional-grade products that are typically favored by expert glaziers, not commonly found in local hardware stores. By bringing these premium brands to consumers, we empower DIY enthusiasts to work with the finest materials, resulting in superior end results.

Trust Coroplast, a trusted brand among professionals, to elevate your glass installation projects. Our products ensure secure and precise applications, guaranteeing a flawless finish. Don't compromise on quality; choose for all your glass mounting needs and experience the difference top-notch materials make!