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Everyone knows mirror clamps, those are those clips that you used to see a lot for mounting mirrors in the bathroom or toilet. You can recognize them by the two chrome-colored round lips on the bottom of the mirror and 2 on the top or side. The bottom clips are fixed, the top clip has a spring system so you can clamp the mirror with it.

Thin corks are placed in the mirror clips to protect the mirror glass so that it does not contacts the metal clip.

The luxury variant is a bit more solid with a stronger suspension system. It is suitable for 6 mm thick mirrors and can also support somewhat larger mirrors. The standard version is the budget version, which is suitable for 4 and 6 mm mirrors but can handle a little less weight.

By using multiple sets you can increase the carrying weight. If 1 set can carry 12 kg, then 2 sets can carry 24 kg. You will get 4 clamps at the bottom of your mirror, but this would be possible.


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