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See-through mirror, confrontation mirror, one-way mirror, Smart Mirror

You can order transparent mirrors at These are also called confrontation mirror, spy mirror or one-way mirror. This type of mirror has a thin and highly reflective metal layer on the glass, which creates a reflection (and therefore a mirror). The more light that falls on that coating, the better the reflection and the less chance that you can see through the mirror from the reflective side.

The most optimal result is achieved by keeping the space from which you observe as dark as possible, and making the space you look at through the mirror as light as possible. This allows you to achieve optimal mirroring and it is no longer possible to see through from the wrong side. For an optimal confrontation mirror, choose the "see-through spy mirror".

Today, smart mirrors are increasingly populair. These are made by using a see-through mirror. A special coating has been developed for this application and this type of glass is for sale under the name "MirroView". A mirror with a clear appearance and optimal visibility for use in combination with a display. it is an expensive solution, but it is the best that is currently available on the market for this application.


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