Special glass

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The term "special glass" is a broad concept, and at first glance, it may not be entirely clear what we mean by it. With "special glass," we refer to glass products that have very specific applications, such as walk-on glass and soundproof glass. To ensure that these products are not scattered in separate categories, we have grouped them together for your convenience.

Walk-on Glass

Walk-on glass is used to create a transparent connection between different floors. This glass is strong enough to support pedestrian weight, allowing you to connect spaces that are vertically separated. By using walk-on glass, you can potentially bring natural light into areas that don't have windows on their facades.

Soundproof Glass

Soundproof glass is utilized in situations where you need to reduce noise levels. This could include office partition walls or a separate workspace at home. With soundproof glass, you can not only keep the noise outside the room where you are but also prevent it from escaping the room. This is particularly beneficial when working from home with children nearby or creating a meeting room in an open office space where you want to ensure that information remains within the meeting area.