Extra clear glass

Extra clear glass is more neutral in color than standard clear glass. Because there are fewer iron oxides in the glass, this glass is almost crystal clear and has no greenish discoloration. Because of this clarity, it is often called diamond glass. You recognize extra clear glass because the front side is light blue or clear in color, and not greenish.

Because of its neutral color, extra clear glass is also more transparent. The light entry is therefore higher than is the case with normal clear glass. Due to the clarity, it is often used in situations where color and clearity are important. Extra clear glass can also be tempered or laminated and is also used as a base glass for painted glass. The clear color makes the lacquer layer stand out better and more true to color

Applications: Interior (indoor use) such as protection on table top, glazing in interior doors, partition walls and in hardened version as shower door, shower wall, glass shelf and showcases.

Safety: Due to increasingly strict safety standards, normally extra clear glass often does not meet the requirements. Safety glass is increasingly being used, such as laminated glass or tempered glass. Extra clear glass can also be ordered as safety glass.


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