Extra clear glass 12 mm

Single pane glass, extra clear color, thickness 12 mm, is custom made

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per m²
Delivery: 7 - 10 working days
  • Free shipment from € 500,- (incl. VAT)
  • Pick-up in NL or delivery in NL and Flanders (exception of the Wadden Islands)
  • Relatively short delivery times
  • Pay with i.e. iDeal, Riverty, Billink, Bancontact, PayPal en Creditcard

Extra clear glass 12 mm is a glass plate of 12 mm thick with less iron oxides (low-iron glass). This makes the glass very clear and neutral in color and there is no green discoloration in the glass (normal clear float glass does have this, but this is so minimal that it is hardly disturbing). We call this extra clear glass extra clear float glass, diamond glass and extra clear glass in technical jargon.

Extra clear glass is used when you want to have a clear and optimal view without any discoloration. For example, if you want to paint glass on the back in a light color, it is as nice as the white paint layer also looks like real white, and not that it looks somewhat discolored on the front. This is just an example and there are several situations where you would rather opt for extra clear glass than normal clear glass, but that is often also a personal taste.

The edges of 12 mm glass can be finished with a polished edge and you can have a beveled edge cut of up to 50 mm wide.


Features extra clear glass 12 mm:

  • Extra clear glass, also called extra clear float glass or diamond glass
  • Very neutral and clear view, without green distortion
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Standard unfinished/sharp edges, various edge finishings possible
  • The price mentioned is a m² price
  • Can be custom-made in the glass configurator


Extra clear glass 12 mm is:

  • Custom made
  • Delivered according to specified specification (note! For glass production tolerances apply!)
  • Delivered to delivery address. Collection is also possible, the collection options are stated on the payment page


Points of attention for 12 mm extra clear glass:

  • For the production of customized glass, tolerances have been determined within the glass industry in terms of dimensions, quality and finish. These are industry-wide and are used by all glass companies. Please note that it is possible that glass may have a small dimensional deviation (approx. 1 - 2 mm), and certain minuscule damages cannot always be claimed
  • Think carefully about the correct glass size. Size changes are no longer possible once your order has gone into production
  • Within the glass industry it is customary to calculate a minimum volume per piece. This is necessary because the handling of an order is always necessary and this prevents a glass plate from costing € 1.50, for example, while the actual production costs are much higher. The minimum surface to be calculated differs per product and is stated under the tab "More information" on the product page
More information
Art. no. 300105
Glass thickness in mm 12
Glass color extra clear
Minimum glass size 90 x 90 mm
Maximum glass size 1500 x 3000 mm
Expected delivery time 7 - 10 working days
Scope of supply custom size
Unit of measurement per m²
Packaging unpackaged
Shipping price Netherlands 39,50
Shipping price Belgium 39,50
Shipping price rest of Europe This product can only be sent to NL and BE
Pick-up possible? Yes, Pick-up is possible in:, Oosterhout (Noord-Brabant), 's-Hertogenbosch, (These locations are only collection points, no production takes place here! Always place orders on the website)
Minimum m² (per piece) 0.40
No questions

Can my order be delivered?

Sure! We deliver throughout the Netherlands and the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. Glass comes with special glass transport; a van or truck where glass can be placed in the inside and outside. This way you are assured of optimal transport and that your order is delivered properly. The risk of breakage and / or transport damage is entirely at our risk (including delivery to your home). Another guarantee that you will receive your order neatly and undamaged. We always deliver on the ground floor and up to the front door. We don't deliver in apartment floors, even if there is an elevator available.

You can specify two addresses in your order, your billing address and delivery address. This makes it easy to have your glassware delivered where you need it. And when you are logged in, you can enter multiple delivery addresses, which is useful if you are an entrepreneur and need glass at changing locations.


When do we deliver?

To ensure efficient glass transport, we deliver according to fixed routes. The card contains numbers, these are the first two numbers of your zip code. The color on the map represents a route day. In the legend you can see which color belongs to which delivery day. If the delivery concerns separate parts (and therefore no glass products), we will engage the parcel service for this. These often deliver your package within 1-3 working days. If there is a track-and-trace code, we will send it to you so that you can track your package. Check the product pages for an indication of production / delivery time.

The delivery of glass items can be compared to the delivery of a washing machine or a sofa. It is a durable and delicate product that you don't just have delivered with the parcel service. It is neatly delivered and it is desirable that someone is present at the time of delivery. You will receive the delivery date by email immediately after we have received confirmation of delivery. 1-2 working days before delivery, we will send you another update with a time indication of the delivery.

If you cannot be at home, there are plenty of other possibilities to think of; we can deliver the order to the neighbors, put it in the back of the garden, under a carport, in the shed or any other place that you consider safe, postpone the delivery for a week, etc. etc. But please report this to us in time so that we can give the driver clear instructions in advance. This prevents last-minute research when the driver is at your door and no one is found. If the driver does not meet anyone at the delivery and does not know what to do with the order, he will take the stuff back and the delivery will be postponed for a week. Unfortunately, we are then forced to pass on the transport costs for this extra delivery.

Delivery schedule from the 27th of March 2023


Can I also collect my order?

That is also possible! Please indicate when you complete your order that you would like to collect the order. The collection locations are listed on the payment page. As soon as your order is ready, we will inform you about the collection options, times etc. etc. There are a number of collection locations that charge costs for receiving your order and the handling for collecting your order. The loose products (non-glass products) are not in stock at all pick-up locations and we have to send them to you. We unfortunately have to pass these shipping costs to you. These are also stated on the payment page, as a total under the cancellation costs of the collection locations.

A number of pick-up locations are limited in opening hours. These are business locations that have normal office hours and some locations are closed on Friday afternoon at 3:00 PM. Keep this in mind if you choose to pick up location. Pick up at GlasBoertje is of course also possible, we are more flexible in terms of times.

If you choose the collection option, it is obvious that the risk of breakage and / or damage during collection is also transferred. So check your order carefully before you take it with you.