Glass shelf

Glass shelf for the bathroom

Glass planets for the bathroom (or glass shelves) can now also be ordered to size. Always handy when you can not work with the standard dimensions of glass planks. The glass is tailored to your wishes, cut and then hardened. Hardening is necessary to make a strong bathroom glass shelf. By hardening, the glass becomes 4 to 5 times stronger than unhardened glass. This allows you to put enough stuff and you can firmly attach the glass plate to the glass clips.

In addition to the glass, you can also choose different mounting clips. This allows you to firmly clamp the glass shelf so that you get a solid total solution. Completely tailored and you like it.

Custom made glass shelf for the bathroom

There are multiple shapes, glass types, thicknesses and colors available for your bathroom glass shelf. You can choose from clear or colored glass in the thickness of 4 to 12 mm. Thicker glass is also available but that does not have much added value. The accompanying mounting materials are limited to a certain glass thickness. Watch this when you start composing your product.

You can also choose from different edge finishes and rounded corners if you like this. With our configurator you can easily put together your glass shelf for the bathroom.

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