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At GlasBoertje, we have several articles discounted each month. Additionally, we offer competitively priced items, such as discontinued products, customer returns with minor imperfections, and items with slight damage.

The monthly discounted products are listed under the "Current Promotions" category. This makes it easy for you to find and order all discounted items, saving you from unnecessary searching on our website.

The "Last Items Sale" (while stocks last) items are limited in stock, as the name suggests: "Last Items" means "while supplies last." These are usually customized products with minor imperfections, like a mirror with a small corner or edge damage, a glass panel with a minor scratch, or custom-made glass that slightly deviated from the customer's order.

As for non-customized items, these are products returned by customers, unable to be sold as new, last pieces of products being phased out, or temporarily available in our assortment until they are sold out.