Order process at GlasBoertje.nl

What happens after you place an order?

Once you have placed your order, we will immediately start working for you. First of all, we check your order so that we are sure that you have ordered the correct items and combination of items. If we suspect that something is not going well, we will contact you immediately. When it is clear that it is 100% correct, we will continue. We will ensure that your glass order is put into production. The loose accessories and parts will be sent to your address as soon as possible.

As soon as we know a delivery date of the ordered items, we will immediately notify you by e-mail. If you have only ordered individual accessories, they will be sent to you by normal parcel service. If you have ordered glass, this will be delivered by the manufacturer directly to your specified delivery address. This is done with special glass transport, that is a delivery van or truck with a leftover part (glass rack) on the side on which glass can be transported.

If you cannot be present on that day to receive your glass delivery, we will have to look for an alternative. For example, the driver can place the order in a place that you consider safe, such as in the back of the garden, under a shelter or carport, etc. Or maybe delivery to the neighbors is an option? We would like to hear this in advance so that we can do it right for you in one go.


What happens if you want to change something in between?

If you still have an adjustment to your order, please contact us IMMEDIATELY. As soon as glass products go into production, we cannot simply make adjustments. This production process is automated and once it has been included in production planning, it cannot be changed. Loose items and accessories will be sent to your address as soon as possible. The same applies for this, respond to us immediately, then we can still stop the delivery and prevent unnecessary handling and returns.


What happens when your order is ready?

There are two options, depending on the manufacturer of the glass/mirros; you could receive an e-mail with an estimated time of delivery or you could receive a SMS message on your mobile phone with an estimated time of delivery. The mail will be send to yo several days before delivery date, the SMS will be send to you the day before delivery. In this way you know in advance when you will receive the order. Smooth delivery is important. The driver has a busy route and every delay means that he has not been able to deliver everything at the end of the day, and we find that very annoying for our other customers.

We consider the delivery of glass products to be the same as the delivery of a washing machine, sofa, table, etc. The driver will drive to you with the glass on special request and must be able to assume that he can deliver this in an appropriate manner. This cannot be compared with delivery by a parcel service. If the glass cannot be delivered, there is a good chance that the products will be returned and the delivery will unfortunately postpone a week due to the fixed route schedules that are driven to keep everything profitable. We always deliver glass and mirrors from the ground floor to the front door. Unfortunately, the drivers do not have the time or options to lift glass and / or mirrors to other floors / floors.

If you receive individual items, this will be done with the standard parcel service. You do not have to stay at home for this, they will automatically come by again or you can make an appointment with them to come by when it suits you.


What if you have questions after your delivery?

Always contact us, we are happy to help you. This can be done via the online chat, the telephone number on the website or via our contact form.


What if you are not satisfied? Or want to return something?

For complaints or returns we have created a separate page, click "here voor canceling and returns"  and "here for complaints".