Mounting profiles

For the installation of shower walls, there are various solutions and types of profiles available. The most commonly used profile is the standard U-profile. Additionally, there are dry glazing profiles and shower profiles that are mounted to the floor and ceiling to create a walk-in shower.


The U-profiles come in different sizes and finishes, making them suitable for many situations. There are profiles designed to accommodate 12mm thick glass and finished in matte black, as well as profiles for 6mm thick glass with a chrome finish. The downside of these profiles is that they do not have end caps. You will need to be creative in finishing the ends neatly. However, if the profile is only used against the wall, the ends won't be visible, making it less relevant.

Dry Glazing Profiles

The significant advantage of these profiles is that you can place the glass in them, apply the sealing profiles inside the profile, and continue working immediately. You don't have to wait for the silicone to cure. Unfortunately, these profiles are limited to 8mm thick glass and are available in two finishes: polished aluminum and stainless steel effect. However, these profiles come with end caps available in the same color as the profile. The installation process is straightforward, there is no waiting time, and the result looks neatly finished.

Walk-in Shower Profiles

There are tube profiles that you mount to the floor and ceiling on the walk-through side of the walk-in shower, where you then attach the glass wall. This provides a sturdy construction and eliminates the need for an additional stabilization bar. These profiles come in both round and square variants, and there are various brands and designs available. Although we do not have these profiles listed on the website yet, we will be adding them soon. If you would like to know more about these profiles, please feel free to contact us.