Mirror mounting

Order mirror mounting materials

You can go to GlasBoertje for high-quality mounting materials for your mirror; from simple mirror clips to mirror profiles for gyms.

Each situation requires a different mounting method. You prefer to hang a bathroom mirror with mirror clips or a blind mirror mounting set. When you place mirror heating behind it, it is best to choose the blind mounting set. The mirror heating needs space behind the mirror and the blind mounting sets offer this space.

For a mirror in the hallway or living room or a mirror wall, you preferably use mirror glue. The mirror is then properly fixed, flat on the wall with no gap and you will not see any mounting materials.

The mirror tape is only used for smooth, flat and clean surfaces such as mounting on a door or cupboard. If you stick a mirror on a tile wall, always use the mirror glue. If the wall is just not completely straight, the tape detaches and the mirror falls down.

For mounting a mirror wall in your home gym or in a gym, the use of a mirror profile is recommended. You are very flexible to use, you can easily place the mirrors, easily move them later or replace them if necessary. You maintain the value of your mirrors.