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Mirrors (silver plated), clear neutral mirrors

You can order custom made neutral colored mirrors at We can deliver these in 3, 4, 6 or 8 mm thickness, in different models, rounded corners and various edge finishes. These clear mirrors work best as a functional mirror. Think for example of a full-length mirror in your bedroom or in the hallway, a bathroom mirror, (large) wall mirror or to replace a mirror that is in a frame. This neutral type of mirror is the most commonly used mirror.

The mirrors of 4 and 6 mm thickness are also available with a safety foil on the back. For the completeness of the group "neutral clear mirrors" we have included them below. But if you want a good overview of all available safety mirrors, we refer you to the category "safety mirrors".

The mirrors below are customizable, according to your model / shape and with your desired edge finish. When assembling your mirror, we have additional options including the choice of different mounting materials or a mirror heating. Our mirror configurator helps you to assemble your custom-made normal mirror. You can choose from different models, edge finishes and possibly rounded corners.

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