Sealing profiles

Shower sealing profiles

You use shower sealing profiles to properly seal your shower door and / or shower enclosure. The sealing profiles that we sell are widely used for custom shower enclosures and shower doors. Sometimes these profiles also fit on the standard size shower doors and / or enclosures, but this is often not the case.


Seals for custom shower doors- and enclosures

When a custom made shower door / installation solution is required, the opening is measured within which the shower door and / or the rest of the glass will be installed. From there, the materials are selected (such as hinges and sealing profiles). After that the glass size is determined. The glass is adapted to the size of the profiles. And a suitable sealing profile can be supplied for almost any custom solution. Everything is calulated so that it fits neatly.

Because of this way of thinking and working method, you can always find a suitable replacement profile later on, the profiles for custom shower solutions rarely change specifications and remain available for a longer period of time. In the long term, a customized setup is always more interesting than a standard-made shower setup.


Seals for standard installations

You buy a total package for the standard size products. All products contained herein are manufactured in large numbers and are produced to the specification associated with that specific product. Since every design is different, special sealing profiles are conceived and made that belong to that specific setup/product. There is a good chance that this is a unique profile, specially made for that one set-up or series of a brand. The models change annually and series disappear from the range, so replacement items are often no longer available within 2 or 3 years after purchasing your set-up.

When the seals need to be replaced after a few years, chances are that you can no longer order them. The chances is that our seals will not fit these standard solutions simply because they are often other models that are not the same as the specially designed and made seals for that standard size showerdoor or showercabin. In that case you will have to order the materials from the supplier of the standard shower door itself. And that is not always possible after a few years.

This is not a commercial story, but from experience; we regularly receive inquiries from customers who have this exact problem and are unable to obtain replacement seals for their standard set-up.

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