Adhesives & sealants

Buy glazing sealant, adhesive sealant and putty

GlasBoertje offers an extensive range of glazing sealants, adhesive sealants, and glazing putty replacements. These sealants and adhesives can be used for glass and mirror installation and for sealing gaps, such as those around windows and shower walls.

Beforehand, consider how you will be mounting the glass and what you will need for the job. If you have wooden frames, you probably want a good glazing sealant that is paintable. Using a non-paintable glazing sealant would be troublesome if you plan to paint your frames later on.

The sealants are available in various colors and packaging options. DIY enthusiasts often use cartridges, while professionals prefer sausages. Although sausages are not listed on the website yet, we can certainly provide them. If you wish to purchase sausages, please send us an email.

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