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Short introduction is an independent company that offers and sells glass, mirrors and all kinds of glass-related products via the internet. We only sell high-quality products and want to make them accessible to everyone; from craftsman to handyman at home. All glassware is custom made, so we do not have this in stock. Everything is therefore made and delivered to your specifications.

Because we are independent we can offer a wide range of products, after all we are not brand bound. This provides a great advantage for our customers because it allows us to offer a very wide and deep range of products.

Many of our products are in stock at our suppliers, so we do not have to keep stock ourselves and we can still switch quickly. We have no in-house production, no drivers, no transport and no mechanics. We can'toffer measurement service and / or installation service, we limit ourselves to advising from a distance and delivering goods ordered on the website.


Our assortment sells (custom-made) glass products from the webshop such as shower doors and enclosures, mirrors, table tops, kitchen backsplashes, various types of ornamental glass, wired glass, laminated- and tempered glass and insulating glass. We also sell mounting and glazing materials, glass fittings and maintenance products. Our customers are private individuals as well as companies.

The range of products has been carefully selected with quality and delivery reliability being paramount. The products can be picked up at various locations in the Netherlands or delivered to you for a small fee. We deliver throughout the Netherlands (with the exception of the Waddeneilanden) and the northern part of Belgium.




Since June 2004 we have been active with the online sale of custom mirrors and glass through the website This made us the first online webshop in the Netherlands that sells custom glass products and with over 16 years of experience we can call ourselves the real expert in this field. Due to the increasing demand for custom glass products, we have expanded our range and started

We are in good contact with various suppliers and manufacturers of glass and glass related articles, so we are well informed about developments and new products. We have also gathered the necessary knowledge from an employment history at Saint-Gobain Glass Netherlands, part of one of the world's largest flat glass manufacturers.