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Have you always wanted to have a beautiful mirror wall for example in your home gym, clothing store, gym or dance / ballet studio? You can easily compile and order them via our website.

We have a range of mirrors and mounting materials that you can use for this. For a good mirror wall, you should preferably use 6 mm thick safety mirrors, mounted in a mirror profile or glued to the wall. The advantage of the profile is that you can easily replace or move the mirrors later if necessary. It is admittedly more expensive to purchase than if you were to glue it. But if you glue, you will have to demolish the mirrors later and it will be of no use to you. Our advice: by spending a little more on profiles now, you will save on new mirrors in the long term.

Our configurator shows you the necessary mounting materials and helps you with your choice. For the mirror walls we have switched off the "4 mm mirrors", "4 mm mirrors without safety film" and the "colored mirrors". If you want to order this, you will have to do this from another configurator.


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