Pauli+Sohn Flamea+ complete serie

The Pauli+Sohn Flamea Plus series is an extension of the standard Flamea series by the brand. This series is specifically designed as shower glass mounting material and offers the same sleek shapes and modern appearance as the original Flamea series, but with additional robustness to support larger and heavier doors.

Just like the Flamea series, the material of the Flamea Plus series is of very high quality and meticulously finished. This series is available in various colors, allowing you to easily find the perfect match for your bathroom.

The Flamea Plus series offers a more extensive selection of colors and accessories than the standard Flamea series, giving you more options when customizing your glass shower door or wall.

Although we cannot display all the available items from the Pauli+Sohn catalog, we are always here to assist you. If you have seen a product in the Pauli+Sohn catalog that is not listed on our website, feel free to contact us. We can inquire about its current availability and provide you with a price quote.