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Have a custom made mirror!

You can easily configure and order a custom mirror with our mirror configurator. You will be advised during the composition of your custom mirror. You can choose different models, enter desired dimensions and choose different types and thickness of mirrors. You then compile it by selecting an edge and corner finish. Our configurator helps you with this, it only shows products and combinations that you can technically combine.

You can also choose additional options in the configurator mirror heating, matching mounting materials and/or maintenance items. Arranged in less than a minute at a fair and affordable price!

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Order custom mirror

You can completely tailor a mirror to your wishes! A mirror is not always that functional thing that hangs on the wall to see what you look like. It is part of your interior and must of course fit in completely. GlasBoertje makes it possible to put together your own mirror!

In the online mirror configurator you can choose different models, edge finishes, rounded corners, div. mirror colors and thickness. You can also choose a desired confirmation method. As an online glass trade, we do supply mirror glass, but unfortunately no mirrors with a frame.

Colored custom mirrors

Different colors of mirrors are available. The most common are the standard mirrors, which are also called silver-plated mirrors. These have a silver layer on the back on clear glass. This gives you a nice clear mirror image.

If you want your mirror to stand out a little less, there are still colored mirrors. These are available in bronze and grey, both in 4 or 6 mm thickness. With colored mirrors, the silver layer is on the back of colored glass. The thicker the glass, the more pigment it contains. In other words, a gray mirror with a thickness of 6 mm is darker in color than a mirror with a thickness of 4 mm.

Custom safety mirrors

In some cases you need a little more security and safety, there are safety mirrors for this. There are two variants here; the mirrors with a safety film on the back and a tempered mirror.

We can supply the mirrors in 4 and 6 mm thickness with a safety film on the back. This ensures that no pieces of glass fall down if the mirror breaks. With a safety film you are somewhat limited in the mounting options. For example, you cannot use mirror tape or blind mounting sets on the safety film. These tape and sets do not adhere well enough to the foil.

The hardened mirror is a completely different type of mirror and can only be used as a door or wall. With certain light, it is transparent, so you cannot use and mount it as a normal mirror. You could otherwise see through the glass on the mirror adhesive, tape or mounting kits.

How does ordering a custom mirror work?

Click on the button "assemble" to put together your mirror via the online configurator. This helps you make your choice by showing certain combinations of mirror with mounting materials, etc. Combinations that cannot be made are automatically blocked. This way you cannot make any mistakes. When we have received the order, we always check it extra to see whether the chosen combination is logical. This way you will never be faced with surprises later on. The delivery time depends on the type of mirror, processing, model, etc., but you can assume that in most cases the mirror can be delivered within 5 - 12 working days.

We will keep you well informed while you are awaiting delivery, you will receive an email when the order has gone into production, on which day the delivery will take place and two working days before delivery you will also receive a time indication of the delivery by mail.

We have a special page with some more information about delivery and pick up of your order.

I would like to know more about custom mirrors! What now ?

Below we have listed a number of "frequently asked questions" that provide answers to matters that are specifically aimed at this product group. For your convenience, we have also put down some frequently asked questions about general matters, such as packaging, delivery time and delivery costs. And are you still missing answers to your questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us! You can do this with the chat function at the bottom right of the screen, our contact form or give us a call on 073 - 822 38 66.

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