Low-E double glazing

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HR++ glass is insulating glazing consisting of 2 panes with an Argon gas-filled space in between. One of the two panes has an HR coating on the glass, which is positioned on the inside of the space. This coating is a thin metal coating that is barely visible and is protected against damage due to its placement inside the space. To meet HR++ standards, the gas-filled space must be at least 12 mm wide. If it is smaller, the glass falls under HR+ or HR standards.

Depending on the installation situation, safety requirements may be imposed on the glass. This may mean that you need laminated insulating glass. If laminated glass is required in insulating glass, it is often applied on both sides of the glass. You can find more information about this by clicking on one of the categories below or by checking the "downloads" tab in the HR++ insulating glass products.