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Round stabilization bars

Stabilization bars are essential for securing your shower enclosure. They provide the necessary support to the upper corner of the glass that is not fixed to the ceiling or wall. Without these bars, your shower enclosure can become wobbly and unstable, which is something you always want to avoid.

Our round stabilization bars are available in various models, brands, and finishes. We primarily offer bars from the brands Bohle and Pauli+Sohn, known for their high-quality and complete designs, offering flexibility in use and installation.

Bohle's round stabilization bars are incredibly versatile. You can adjust the angle of wall mounting, easily cut the tube to size using a hacksaw, and the glass mounting part is also rotatable and adjustable. This allows you to set the bar at an unusual angle, such as 55 degrees, or mount it on the sloping side of your roof. The round stabilization bar comes in chrome, stainless steel effect, and matte black finishes.

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