Patterned glass

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Patterned glass comes in many types, thicknesses and colors. We all know the old patterned glass types, with old-fashioned motifs that resemble the bottom of a beer bottle or the wild patterns of stripes and scratches in the glass. And preferably in bronze, yellow or green colored glass. These old types of glass are hardly made nowadays and if you are looking for an old type you have to be really lucky to find it, at a normal price.

The old tempered glass also has a successor, the modern patterned glass. Modern patterned glass often has clean patterns on clear glass so that it fits into the interior. However, the variations are limited to a few types, so there is limited choice.

Wired glass has been around for a long time and is still available. Wired glass is originally smoke-resistant glass, because in case of glass breakage due to fire, the glass will hang on the wires and hardly any smoke will pass through. But nowadays better and more beautiful solutions are available for fire-resistant glass. As a result that wired glass is more often used as interior glass and that is why it is listed under the patterned glass group on our website.