Hinges for showerdoors

Hinges for your shower door

Hinges for a shower door come in many models, brands, types, materials, finishes / colors, qualities and for different solutions. Basically we talk of two types of hinges:

  • Glass - Glass: Hinges used to mount a shower door to a glass wall
  • Wall - Glass: hinges used for mounting a shower door to a fixed (brick) wall

Our range of hinges consists of high-quality hinges (renowned brands) that are intended for the realization of a custom shower door. We deliberately do not supply imitations or China stuff because of the poor quality in the long term. The joy of a lower price will soon be forgotten if your hinge breaks after a year or the chrome jumps off and you can no longer buy the same hinges. This results in unwanted holes in your tiles and an unnecessary glass door (each hinge needs a different recess, other hinges rarely fit in the same glass recesses). Therefore, choose a good brand, even if it costs a little more now. In the long run you will be happy with your decision !!