Cough screens

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Corona screen / counter screens / cough screens made of tempered glass

A prevention screen made of real glass looks luxurious, is durable and can last for a longer period of time. Given the developments in the field of Corona / Covid-19, it is necessary as a company to guarantee the safety and hygiene of staff and customers during this crisis. And more is needed than the temporary plexiglass screens that appear everywhere. Plexiglass is cheaper to purchase and can be delivered faster than real (tempered) glass, but the durability of glass makes real glass a better choice for the longer term.

We do not know how long this virus will be around, and the question is whether we can ever return to the old situation in terms of personal contact and hygiene. Another good reason to invest in a good and structural solution, instead of the temporary screens made of 3 mm plexiglass.

We have a number of clamps for tempered glass screens and a complete mobile screen with laminated glass on our website. The screens are easy to move and the table clamp versions must be clamped to a table or counter. The glass can be ordered separately in the category "tempered glass".


Custom-made corona screen?

A cough screen can also be custom made. We do have some technical limitations, because you cannot make unlimited dimensions with the glass panels and glass fittings. The construction must remain safe. With customization you can have different dimensions made, a specific model or the recess of the serving hatch and / or speaking hatch made in a different place. Maybe you would like to have a specific glass panel in a color such as gray, green, bronze or frosted glass.

First try to see if you can manage and the configurator on the website. If you ultimately have a specific wish (such as a service hatch), please email us with a sketch of what you have in mind. Pictures of the situation can also be enlightening. We will then email you a suitable quote.