Mirror defoggers

Order mirror defoggers for a condensation-free mirror

A fogged up mirror in your bathroom is caused by moist air that deposits water vapor on a cold mirror. To prevent water vapor from depositing on your mirror, you will need to heat the mirror. Water vapor will not settle on a warm surface. This keeps your mirror free of condensation on the area where the heating is located, with an appearance of around 5 to 7 cm.

Maybe you want your mirror completely condensation-free? That is not very useful and in most cases is not necessary. Ultimately the point is that you want to see yourself in the mirror, then it is important that that part is condensation-free.


Take the following points into account:

  • You can easily stick the mirror defogger on your existing or new mirror. The mats are self-adhesive. You cannot stick it on a mirror with a safety film on it. This is only possible on normal mirrors.
  • The heating must be able to lose some residual heat, it is best to use the mirror heating in combination with a blind mounting set.
  • The heating must not come into contact with mounting materials such as the brackets and mounting plates of the mounting kit

The mirror defoggers are suitable for the bathroom and other wet areas and can be used without danger with splash water. They comply with CE standards, Kema Keur and the European standard EN60335-1 / EN60335-2-96. 220 Volt - 2 core Class NF, Class II IPX 4.


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