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You can order satin glass at This etched glass is also called frosted glass, acide glass, acidified glass, satin glass, etched glass, satinato or satinovo. The matte finish is made by treating the surface with a special etching liquid (Hydrogen Fluoride). The chemical reaction on the glass creates a corrosion on the surface, giving the glass an even and matt appearance. This matt layer makes the glass  opaque but translucent. The light is transmitted evenly. When you are close behind the glass plate you see contours but no details. If you wet the satin side, then transparency is possible. But when that dries up again it becomes opaque again.

The etching is a surface treatment and can be applied to different types of glass. As a result, different types of frosted glass are available, including matt mirrors, frosted glass, frosted diamond glass, etc. etc. On this page we limit ourselves to the non-tempered "standard" types of glass (and not the types with a lacquer or silver layer on it). Our glass configurator helps you to customize your satin glass. You can choose from different models, edge finishes and rounded corners.


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