Order custom mirrors, mirror mounting materials, and mirror accessories

Order mirrors and related items at GlasBoertje.nl. The products have been carefully selected so that you can create a beautiful mirror, optionally complemented with sturdy mounting materials and/or reliable mirror defoggers. You can configure a complete mirror using the configurator, which you can access by going to a mirror product and clicking on the "configure" button.

Of course, you can also order individual components. We have categorized the various types of mirrors, mirror mounting materials, and mirror accessories into clear groups, making it easy for you to find what you need. Click on one of the categories below to view the available products and place an order.

With our mirror types and mounting materials, you can configure beautiful mirrors for use in your interior and bathroom. Whether it's round mirrors with a hidden mounting set or a mirror wall for a home gym installed with a mirror profile, you can order almost everything you need in the world of mirrors.

The materials we offer are of high quality and blend well with contemporary interiors and bathrooms. Our defoggers, hidden mounting sets, and mirror tapes are suitable for humid spaces. We can supply mirrors in various colors, models, with different edge finishes, and with rounded corners as an additional option.