Body-tinted glass

Body-tinted glass is "mass colored glass". During the glass production process, raw materials are added to the glass furnace to add color to the glass. The glass remains transparent, but with a touch of color. The thicker the glass, the more intense the color. After all, there is more pigment in thicker glass than in thinner glass. Gray glass with a thickness of 10 mm will therefore be darker than gray glass with a thickness of 4 mm.

There are only a few colors available in the base, that is green, bronze and grey glass. In addition, there are also "exotics" available such as blue glass, but that is a difficult color to make and the chance of color differences in the different batches is quite large.

Body-tinted glass is mainly used as interior application. The color of the glass allows you to blend in with the interior so that you can achieve a luxurious and beautiful finish.

Applications: Interior (indoor use) such as protection on a tabletop, glazing in interior doors, partition walls and in tempered version as a sliding door, interior door, shower door, shower enclosure, glass shelf and tabletop.

Safety: Due to increasingly strict safety standards, normal colored glass often does not meet the requirements. Safety glass is increasingly being used, such as laminated glass or tempered glass. Colored glass can also be ordered as safety glass.


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