Satin finished glass

Custom satin glass

Satin glass is etched glass which gives it a matte appearance. Treating the surface of the glass makes it opaque and matte. This etching is only done on one side as standard, so that the other side has a shiny surface. There is also double-sided satin glass available, but this is very expensive.

Light radiates very nicely and diffusely through the etching layer, but you have almost no transparency. You only see objects that are directly behind the glass as a contour. If it is a bit further from the glass you will no longer see countering.

Satin glass is available in different variants, colors and thicknesses and can be used in different situations. For example, satin glass is available in extra clear, so that the green distortion of the normal glass is no longer visible. There is also green, gray, bronze and blue-tinted satin glass. By making good use of light you can make optimal use of the glass and let it shine.

Satin glass can be hardened, so it can be used to make doors and walls. You can also get this in laminated glass so that you can also use this glass in situations where fall safety is important.