Pivot hinges

Pivot hinges for glass doors

Pivot hinges is a kind of hinge that you clamp at the top and bottom in the corners of the glass door and where the pivot point is drilled into the cabinet.

These pivot hinges are easy to use but cannot be used in every situation. Because the pivot point of the axle is in the cabinet, the glass door on the hinge side will turn slightly inwards. There must be room for that in the cupboard. If the shelves are not far enough placed backwards, the door will not open. Therefore, before placing your order, keep in mind whether the pivot hinge is suitable for your situation.

The weight and thickness of the glass is important in the correct choice of the turntable. You cannot mount heavy doors in a pivot hinge that is meant for smaller doors. We have a suitable range of pivot hinges for glass doors for small doors up to larger glass doors for furniture.

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