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AGC Lacobel SAFE is 6 mm thick clear float glass with a paint layer on the back. A safety film has been applied to this paint layer. This foil ensures that the glass stays together when broken, so that no pieces of glass fall down. Very safe!

The "Lacobel SAFE" lacquered glass range consists of an attractive contemporary color palette. The shiny look of "Lacobel" blends seamlessly with its matte alter ego "Matelac". "Matelac" is similar to "Lacobel", but at "Matelac" the paint is applied to satin glass, which gives you matt lacquered glass. In the "Lacobel" and "Matelac" range, several colors are available in common.

Application: "Lacobel SAFE" can only be used indoors for covering furniture and walls, cupboard doors, sliding doors, etc. Lacobel combines beautifully with many other materials, such as wood, steel and stone.

If you need a backsplash for a kitchen, you should opt for tempered painted glass, because this is more resistant to heat from the stove. You then choose "Lacobel T".


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