Glass application for Kitchen

In the kitchen, glass products are often used, such as glass shelves, a glass tabletop, glass cabinet doors, a kitchen backsplash in toughened glass (optionally painted in color), or a regular mirror. We have sorted all these different glass applications neatly for your convenience.

Glass adds a luxurious touch and is easy to clean, which is especially practical in a kitchen where cooking, washing, and rinsing take place. Grease and water stains can be easily wiped away with a regular glass cleaner, keeping your kitchen tidy in no time.

Using painted glass as a backsplash allows you to seamlessly integrate your kitchen into your interior design. However, if you plan to place the backsplash behind a heat source or need holes in the glass, make sure to choose toughened painted glass. It can better withstand temperature changes, and when reinstalling power outlets, it reduces the risk of glass cracking at the drilled holes.

Glass in the kitchen is not only practical and hygienic but also adds a beautiful, modern, and luxurious look. Plenty of reasons to opt for glass solutions.

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